Little Bill Making Big Impact

08/17/2012 15:49

     Dwight Bentley, cornerback for the Detroit Lions, got his nickname from the Bill Cosby inspired cartoon "Little Bill'. Bentley has been anything but "little" making plays and has put himself in the running for the starting Cornerback position opposite Chris Houston.

     He was very impressive in the Lion's first preseason game vs. Cleveland, but we need to remember he is still a rookie. I wouldn't be too hard on him for missing the one interception. He admits he is still learning and plans on getting 1% better every day. I love this guys attitude.  He reads the defense well, he gets a jump on the ball and makes plays. He is a rookie, however, and that shows too. He got beat on a deep pass from Weedon and whiffed on a sure interception. What I like about him is that he bounced back and made a play. This gives the Lions hope that the corner position may not be as bad as we thought this year.

     After the Lions released Aaron Berry it left a big void at corner. Some fans would argue that void has been there all offseason. Be that as it may, there is a spot for the taking hopefully Little Bill can step up and make a big impact for the Detroit Lions.