Does Tom Lewand need to go?

03/10/2013 17:19

      Why are the Lions always losers in free agency? Why can't we keeep the players we draft? Why do we replace really good players with stop-gaps?
The front office is to blame. Our most active portion of free agency lately seems to be during or after training camp. We can not afford the players we need which falls on the front office and their cap mismanagement. Why don't we get big name free agents in their prime to make us a legit contender?
     The front office answer is that "we build through the draft" Well, let us explore that theory. We drafted Louis Delmas in the third round and we stand to lose him in free agency. Cliff Avril was also drafted by us...due to leave in free agency. Sammie Lee Hill also drafted by the Lions, he is also projected to leave. So are we really building through the draft or are we becoming a farm system for other teams?
     Are you as sick of we can't afford him or he won't fit into our salary cap as I am? All the while other teams are big players almost every year. Philadelpia seems to be able to fit expensive players into their cap. Player likie Vick, Babin, Asomugha and Ryans. Even in our own divsion the Chicago Bears have brought in big name free agents like Brandon Marshall and Julius Peppers, while managing to keep Matt Forte, Jay Cutler and other big name players. Players we were automatically "out of the running for." It is a bit frustrating. Why are we getting mid level players while every one else gets the prize?
     I am not saying you should build a team through free agency, but are we building a team? Or are we in fact just plugging holes with sub par players? Which leads me to Tom Lewand and the front office. If we are in constant cap hell, who is to blame? If we are never in the running for game-changing players and we cannot keep the players we develop, we will be the same door mats we have always been. I personally can't stand to watch it anymore. Cap management as crucial to a winning team as building through the draft. We need to be able to keep the players we develop and not replace them with aging veterans or new draft picks. Are we becoming a farm team to the teams who can manage the cap? Has Tom Lewand and the front office hindered our ability to get better? You decide.